Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Theme Thursday: Hot/Cold

This was not how I envisioned this theme going for me, but I'll embrace the unexpected.

Out with the (c)old:


In with the new:


Yes, we got a new fridge! And yes, those are the world's worst photos. I was not expecting a new fridge when I came up with this week's theme. But we found a great deal, and we now have a fridge that has an operational ice/water dispenser and a freezer that doesn't encrust with ice every time we open it. I can now buy an ice cream birthday cake, and I won't have to shove it in sideways. I can actually store a frozen pizza instead of cooking it right when I get home from the store. I won't have yucky-tasting ice. These are life's simple pleasures.

The downside of this project was cleaning out the old fridge. I couldn't count the number of bottles/jars of condiments, sauces, and dressings I had to get out of there. There were so many, I had to rinse them all out rather than throw them away. I was afraid the garbage can would be too heavy.

I am such a domestic goddess.

What do you have to show today?


carrie said...

Oh...that is my dream fridge. Is it weird that I have a "dream fridge?"

I LOVE the bottom freezer...we have a side by side right now, and I'm so with you on the icky OLD!

Congrats on your new purchase!!

Jenny said...

Not to mention those garbage cans only hold three bottles to begin with.

Nancy said...

What kind did you get? And do you like the bottom freezer?

chaoticfamily said...

Well I love your new fridge it's very hot for your cold things.

Here is my late and lackluster submission. I will get it in on time one day! ;-)