Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Team-Up Thursday: Week Fifty Four (IN THE DISTANCE)

in the distance dip

What a fun theme! I didn't actually take my shot with the theme in mind, but it did seem to fit rather nicely. And I really like the effect that our diptych creates. The wide perspective in each shot allows the viewer to wander in and out of the each frame, don't you think? This dip looks great in a larger format, so click to see it bigger. Looking forward to seeing how far IN THE DISTANCE you've gone this week, too :).

Next week, it's EVERYDAY BEAUTY. Lots of possibilities there, so join us!

I've got another prospective partner waiting in the wings, so if you'd like to jump in, please email me at and let me know.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Photos

I'm always on the hunt for the next great family photo. Or just a decent family photo with no one looking weird. Vacation always seems the perfect opportunity to get the family to "pose"...or not...

Exhibit A: The "Whipped by the Wind" Family


Exhibit B: The "I Am SO Not Going to Smile" Niece


Exhibit C: Mr. "I'm in a JCPenney Catalog"


Exhibit D: "Why Yes, I AM at the Dentist"


Exhibit E: The "It's a Good Thing We Didn't Ask Anyone to Take This Photo" Family


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Team Up Thursday: Week 53 (BLUE)

I'm on vacation, so check back in a few hours. I'm on holiday time :).



Sorry about the delay, but for those of you on the east coast, I'm currently five hours behind you. I'm in Hawaii. I'm ducking right now, because I'm pretty sure someone's trying to hit me. Maybe more than one person.

I purposely picked BLUE this week as our theme because I knew we'd be surrounded by it all week. This shot is from our snorkeling trip -- you probably figured that out :).

I'm not even sure what our theme is for next week. I realized as I was typing that we forgot to decide. I'll have to add another addendum to the post later. That's just what happens on vacation!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team-Up Thursday: Week Fifty Two (CELEBRATION)

celebrate dip

Fifty-two weeks -- a whole year -- that deserves a celebration, doesn't it?

Thanks to all of you Team-Up teams that make this such a fun project. And a big personal thanks from me to Melody for being a fabulous partner and always a creative inspiration. Although Melody and I have never met in person, I feel I know parts of her life through her beautiful photography. Cheers, partner! :)

Looking forward to all your CELEBRATIONS this week in comments or in the Flickr pool. Dive in, why don't you? I've got another creative soul searching for a partner, so drop me a line at and I'll get you started.

Any suggestions for themes or ideas that you'd like to see us tackle in the coming months? Do tell...

Next week, we'll be doing BLUE. Until then, happy "dipping!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Me (You)

I've been trying to keep up with a fun new photo project -- 52 Weeks of Me (You) -- hosted by Jessie and Cara. The post date is supposed to be Sunday, and I've been late almost every week. So I've only been posting into their Flickr group.

This week I'm actually on time, so I'm posting here:


The theme this week is "At Arm's Length." I tried to get creative, but I think all I did was show you how dirty my iPhone is.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Night Lights...Basketball Style


Last night, Harrison's team provided half-time entertainment at a local high school basketball game. They got to scrimmage for three minutes in front of a big crowd on the full-size court. Three minutes isn't very long, but it was fun!

BTW: Harrison is #10. I won't tell you if he won the tip off :).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Team-Up Thursday: Week Fifty One (BEHIND)

behind dip

OK, fess up: who took a photo of a baby bottom for this week? No bottoms here, but both Melody and I captured our kids from BEHIND. Love the composition in Melody's photo as your eye follows the girls up the hill. And that gorgeous light -- sublime.

I feel I need to add a disclaimer to my photo: I don't usually let Owen listen to music while he eats breakfast. But when I turned around and saw him there, tucking into his waffles and bobbing his head with his earphones on, I had to take advantage of the photographic opportunity.

If you are keeping count (or if you've looked at the title of this entry), you may have noticed something exciting: next week is week 52. One whole year of Team-Up Thursday! Hard to believe. In honor of this momentous week, we're doing CELEBRATION for our theme, and we'd love to have everyone join in the fun. So find your party hats and take a photo in CELEBRATION of something, anything, and share it in a diptych next week.

Can't wait to see what you've got for us.