Sunday, June 29, 2008

BSM: More Summer

What could be more "summer" than little grubby hands & feet? I did two photo shoots for friends this week, and these are two of the outtakes. Don't think anyone wants to frame and hang shots of dirty appendages, but they sure are cute and summery :)!


dirty summer feet

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Theme Thursday: What I Want

I want summer to last all year round...


golden light


red popsicle, blue eyes


summer gold

climbing the snail

happy hollow boys

Sunday, June 22, 2008

BSM: Sunset Road

Just got back from vacation this evening. Over 300 pics to go through. Here's my BSM...:)

Sunset Road

Sunday, June 15, 2008

BSM: Flare

The sun finally came out here in Oregon (I hardly knew what to do with myself), so I had some fun experimenting with flare one evening.

into the light

Wishing you all sunny skies this Monday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Theme Thursday: Wildlife

Wildlife:  when the weeds in the backyard start swallowing toys...


Sunday, June 8, 2008

BSM: Father's Day Gift

James never reads my blog, so I figure I'm safe posting these.  I'm working on a three-shot story board for his office that reads "DAD" with the kids holding the letters.  


I'm not sure any of these are my "best shot" because Owen was not being at all cooperative, but hopefully the end result will work. I'm going to do both kids in the middle holding the "A" with a solo shot of each with the "D." Any votes for which shots you like best?

P.S. Thanks to those of you who suggested uploading from Flickr for better picture clarity -- what a difference!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Theme Thursday: Time

What a serendipitous theme for the week of Harrison's birthday. Eight years have passed since his birth -- ack -- and while it's hard to admit the quick passage of time in terms of his growth and development, it's easy to see how much he has changed. But I digress. My real point of this post is not my child, but the changes in technology in the eight years since I began to chronicle his life.

In 2000, I did not have a digital camera. In fact, my film camera had no zoom, no flash control, no focus. I turned it on, pointed it at my subject, and pressed the button. In 2000, the new-fangled thing was getting your pictures developed and having the option of having the developer put them on a floppy disc. You heard it here first, folks -- I was on the cutting edge.

When I went to dig up a baby picture of Harrison for this post, I realized that the first two years of his life are in albums and on floppies. computer doesn't have one of those drives anymore. Sigh. Another summer project in the making. In 2002, when Harrison was two years old, the CD revolution came to the local photo processing place and I now had my pictures on CD. However, when I uploaded a couple of them yesterday, I realized how grainy they are (not to mention noticing my less-than-stellar photography skills).

I'm glad I have the hundreds of pictures in albums and on the grainy, almost non-retrievable floppies, but part of me wishes I could go back and reshoot those pictures with my kicked up DSLR. marches on whether you're ready or not :).

Harrison at two years old, August 2002

h bday portrait
Harrison on his eighth birthday, June 4, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

BSM: 8th Birthday Party

Yep, it's the big "EIGHT" this week at our house!  Harrison had his birthday party this weekend; he took two friends to the mini-golf/fun center for an afternoon of chaos...I mean, fun :).  They had a blast.

My "artistic" shot ;)

What happens when four boys try to putt out at the same time...

The golf foursome...

My almost eight year old...