Saturday, February 28, 2009

Proud Mom Post

This week, it was Harrison's turn to be "Star of the Week" in his class. He got to fill out and decorate a poster about himself, post pictures on the bulletin board, and bring in his "treasures" to display. He was so excited. At the end of the week, we came to class to watch him present himself to the class:


After his presentation, the class asked him questions while he showed off his goods:


Even though every student has a turn being the "star," it was such a thrill for him to be able to show his classmates a little more about himself.

I was thrilled, too :).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Theme Thursday: Summer Memories

Stacy cruelly sent us into the archives this week for "summer memories" -- really, Stacy? Did you have to?

I kid. It was actually fun to go back through some pictures of previous summers. Instead of posting one from last summer, I chose this pic from three years ago. Harrison is much smaller than he is now (imagine that). In fact, since the boys are three years apart, this is the size Owen is now -- Yikes!

This was early into my foray into photography, taken with my first digital camera -- my pre-DSLR era. I love the little smile on his face as he melts into the warm sand. Can't you just feel it?

A breather

Sunday, February 22, 2009

BSM: Dad Time


Technically, not a great photo. But I just love the interaction. Owen was sitting on James' lap and I ran to grab the camera to get a few shots. It's really noisy because of the low light in the kitchen, but their expressions are so genuine and loving. It's a keeper for me :)!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theme Thursday: Love

Oh, come on....who doesn't love a cute, squishy baby face?


This is Blake, and he was quite the model. I like cute baby faces even more when I know I'm not the one who has to stay up at night with them :).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Little Gourmand

Tonight I was making dinner and the following exchange occurred:

Owen: What are you making?

Me: Taco meat

O: What are we having for dinner?

Me: Tacos

O: Uuuugggghhh...I HATE tacos!


O: Can I have a cinnamon taco for dinner?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BSM: Wallball

For Best Shot Monday this week, I give you: weekend wallball...

James and Harrison duke it out. James kept comparing the current elementary school wallball rules to the ones when he was a kid. (You know, the ones that were WAY harder than the ones they have now :)

wallball 2

Owen watches life pass him by:

wallball 6

I get in on the action (looking extraordinarily lovely, too):

wallball 4

wallball 5

And my favorite (which was actually taken by James). I call this one "Am I blue?"

wallball 7

Sunday, February 8, 2009

BSM: Monkey Bars

Helpful Monday Tip: Sticking your tongue out always helps you get all the way across the monkey bars.

monkey bars

Friday, February 6, 2009

Indy Jr

Owen playing Indiana Jones

indy jr

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Theme Thursday: Cold?

Let me be upfront: I've got nothing for "cold." Nothing and liking it, I might add. I shot my winter's share of cold pictures back in December, when the blizzard that ate Portland consumed our little burg. You want cold? My December archive is full of them, so feel free to visit. Sorry, Stacy, but I am done with cold.

Stop reading now if you are looking for cold. If, however, you want to see how I enjoyed 60 degree temperatures and sun for a couple of days this week, take a look at this:


and this:


and finally, this:


Yep, it was nice weather, so I made my kids have a photo shoot. There's an old truck parked outside of the school district bus parking lot, and I've been itching to take pictures there. They finally took a big sign off the side of the truck, and since the weather turned nice, I figured I'd jump on it.

The kids had fun climbing on the truck. Even though there are no signs posted prohibiting this activity, my law-abiding self didn't stay too long. Just enough to get a few cute pics before heading to the park.

Just enough to remind myself that winter's not COLD all the time :).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BSM: Tall...and Taller

Anyone who has seen him IRL knows that Harrison is tall. He's in the 99-100 percentile for height and always has been, so we're used to seeing him tower over other kids his age. Both the boys play in the local Y basketball league, which creates teams by grade, so Harrison plays with and against other third graders. He's always one of the tallest.

Until now.

Meet Shaquille O'Neal's white cousin:

tall...and taller

Third grade? Really?

shaquille's white cousin

This kid had Harrison by six inches and 40 least


Because Harrison is the tallest on his own team, guess who he had to guard?

I'm still working on my indoor basketball photography skills. It's a challenging environment, so I'm just hoping to improve over some of last season's disastrous photos. Hmmm....maybe I should simply consider indoor basketball photography my own personal Shaquille O'Neale? :)