Sunday, February 1, 2009

BSM: Tall...and Taller

Anyone who has seen him IRL knows that Harrison is tall. He's in the 99-100 percentile for height and always has been, so we're used to seeing him tower over other kids his age. Both the boys play in the local Y basketball league, which creates teams by grade, so Harrison plays with and against other third graders. He's always one of the tallest.

Until now.

Meet Shaquille O'Neal's white cousin:

tall...and taller

Third grade? Really?

shaquille's white cousin

This kid had Harrison by six inches and 40 least


Because Harrison is the tallest on his own team, guess who he had to guard?

I'm still working on my indoor basketball photography skills. It's a challenging environment, so I'm just hoping to improve over some of last season's disastrous photos. Hmmm....maybe I should simply consider indoor basketball photography my own personal Shaquille O'Neale? :)


Brittany said...

Love those shots! I can't wait until my kiddos are old enough, to play sports!

Dawn said...

Holy crap that kid is tall!!!

Lucky Harrison for getting to guard him :)

Happy Monday!

Jen said...

Man, I remember when I played basketball as a kid there was always one REALLY tall kid in the league. I think you are doing a great job with your indoor basketball photography!!!

natalie said...

Shaquille O'Neale's white cousin??? That's hilarious!!!!!! I hope Harrison was able to guard him well!!!

Golightly said...

Wow! He is tall. Maybe he should play football next - he's going to be a house!

as for your sports photography, you got my beat by a continent. I can't get a good shot yet. More time, that's all.

Joanna said...

3rd grade? Yikes, that kid is tall! Harrison has a big job to guard him. Im sure he did a great job!

iMother2.0 said...

Wow! What ARE they feeding that Kid?! :)

carrie said...

a THIRD grader? What the...??
I think your task is less daunting than guarding that "kid!"

Christina said...

Ummm, wow! I think I'll keep my eyes out for that kid in the NBA in another few years!

jamestownboys said...

I think your basketball shots look great!
And maybe he is repeating third grade. . . .

Arizaphale said...

I have the same photo issues with netball. Digital cameras are always that split second too slow to capture the airborne shot. The Baby Angel was the tallest in her division for a long time but they've mostly caught up now. Still, we had to laugh one year when they fronted St Michael All Angels in a semi final. If those angels could have made it off the ground without SEVERE wing sprain, I'll eat my hat. The goal keeper and goal defence were HUGE! We called them The Heifer Sisters. In the nicest possible way of course.