Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Thirty-Six (LANDSCAPE)

landscape dip

I am in love with Melody's photo. The lighting, the mood, the way I want to travel down that road...maybe to pick apples? Such a contrast for us this week, in subject matter, composition, and story. This diptych definitely gives the viewer a lot to examine.

What do you have to offer this week? Can't wait to see...

Next week, we'll be doing FALL. Maybe I should have saved my apples, eh?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Thirty-Five (FLYING)

FLY dip

What a fun challenge! It was certainly more difficult than I had envisioned. It was hard to get up high enough so that I could really get a shot directly over the tableau. We had to do some experimenting. My kids really wanted to do a video (like the Coldplay vid), but I told them we needed to start a bit smaller. By the way, my boys are fighting killer asparagus, in case you were wondering.

I love how our two photos are such a contrast in subject matter. I guess that's what happens when you get two boys and two girls each directing their own shots :).

How did everyone else do with our theme this week? Can't wait to make the rounds...

Next week, we'll be working on LANDSCAPE, so get your cameras out of portrait mode and join us!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Thirty-Four (SMALL)

If you're checking in early this morning, we're not quite up and running go ahead and leave a comment, and stop by again later to see our dip!


small dip

Having some technical difficulties this week, so you're stuck with two of my photos. The top is the one I took for this week. I am in the decluttering process, and I ran across Owen's first shoes in one of the storage bins. Hard to remember when his feet were this SMALL.

The bottom shot is actually from our trip to Australia last year. We went to a butterfly sanctuary and were surrounded by beauty in SMALL packages.

What do you have to show us this week?

Remember, next week, we are FLYING. If you need more info, check out my last two Team-Up posts or the discussion thread in our Flickr group. Can't wait to see what you create!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Kickin' Weekend


Yep, it's soccer season once again.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grow Much?


I dug up a photo from Harrison's first day of Kindergarten -- and really, what horrible idea who took that picture...cough, cough.

Same door, same kid...just a wee bit bigger.

How do these things happen?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Thirty-Three (WORK)

work diptych

Yep, I made my kids do hard manual labor over the holiday weekend. They also went swimming, to the movies, played with friends, and had sleepovers, so I don't think a bit of weeding was asking too much. I love the perspective of Melody's shot. School just started for us on Tuesday, so not too much homework yet.

It's funny that Melody and I chose to take photographs of our children's work rather than our own. I'm not sure what this means. Maybe it's just too hard to photograph yourself doing work. Or that you don't want to be reminded of the work you have to do. Or the kids are just cute. Whatever.

Next week, we're going with SMALL for our theme. Think big, go small. I'm not sure that's a motivating thought or not. However, we definitely want you thinking big for our group project coming up on September 23rd: FLYING.

If you didn't catch last week's post, here are the details: We'd love everyone to join in and FLY that Thursday -- create a work inspired by Jan Von Holleben's "Dreams of Flying" series.

No pressure. We won't shun you if you do your own theme.

Remember to check out all the dips here and in our flickr pool. Don't worry, even though Fall is on its way to the Northern Hemisphere, the water in the flickr pool is always warm, so dive in!

P.S. I've got a long-time Team-Up participant who has lost her partner and would love to join in with someone new -- anyone game? Email me if you'd like a partner:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Somebody's Seven

many faces of seven

Happy birthday to my other little muffin.

You sure are cute.

Even when you really don't want your picture taken.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Thirty-Two (SELECTIVE FOCUS)

selective focus dip

SELECTIVE FOCUS was a fun theme for me -- I can't wait to see what other pairs created! I love that Melody chose the less obvious shot here. Rather than focus on V, she left her in the background to focus on the fence. Mine is a bit more straightforward, but I do like how only one wooden flower is left for the viewer. This is a great theme for being a bit more creative, so I'll have to keep it in mind whenever I'm shooting.

Next week, we'll be tackling WORK for our theme. I'm sure everyone is all too familiar with that concept.

In other news, I mentioned last week that Melody and I were wanting to do another group theme. We have only done one: way back in February, we challenged everyone to do a SELF-PORTRAIT diptych. It was a ton of fun, and it was great to have everyone participating with the same theme.

Fast forward to September and we're finally ready for another group challenge. This one requires a bit more preparation, so we're giving you three weeks. For the week of September 23rd, we're all going to go FLYING! Let me be more specific: Jan Von Holleben's "Dreams of Flying" is a wonderful series of photographs of people flying...without leaving the ground.

Check out this link and be sure to watch the series of photos as well as the Coldplay video lower down in the post. Then get out your ladders (or scout out a place you can take a photo from above) and get those creative juices flowing.

Don't worry, if you and your partner want to do your own theme, please don't feel pressured -- it's all good.