Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Team Up Thursday: Week 53 (BLUE)

I'm on vacation, so check back in a few hours. I'm on holiday time :).



Sorry about the delay, but for those of you on the east coast, I'm currently five hours behind you. I'm in Hawaii. I'm ducking right now, because I'm pretty sure someone's trying to hit me. Maybe more than one person.

I purposely picked BLUE this week as our theme because I knew we'd be surrounded by it all week. This shot is from our snorkeling trip -- you probably figured that out :).

I'm not even sure what our theme is for next week. I realized as I was typing that we forgot to decide. I'll have to add another addendum to the post later. That's just what happens on vacation!


jillconyers said...

Tina and I are back!

This week we captured blue too. I see it

I'll be back to check out everyone's photos this evening after work. Have a great day!

Jessie said...

Love vacation time! I hope that you are having a ball!

Angie and I did Blue.

hipMomma-MelodyA. said...

SORRY! You guys can blame me! Megan will post soon but mine is up- BLUE over here. Be prepared to be very jealous.

shirley said...

Totally jealous of your vacation! So wonderful and the dip looks great.

Lee Curie and I created a diptych using Books this week.

Joanna said...

HAWAII!! Yup, a book or something heavy is flying your way! Just kidding...Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!

Christina and I are glad to be back in it this week....Here's our

Christina said...

Ooooh yeah, we are a bit jealous! Vacation sounds divine! what an awesome scuba diving shot!

Jo and I are happy to be playing again, and joined in for BLUE!

~Kristina said...

Oh Hawaii! Just a shake of jelousy coming from the cold Canadian praries.
Here's our go at blue

chandra said...

The pics are serious eye candy! wonderful & wobbly!

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Anonymous said...

Hawaii, how wonderful! Here's our BLUE.