Sunday, November 15, 2009

BSM: One Moment, Please

The backstory of this photo involves me secretly stashing shirts in my car and making the boys put them on after a photoshoot downtown. I know. That's just the kind of mom I am.

I was doing a senior shoot for a friend, and since the kids had to come with me (James was working), I figured I'd take advantage of the opportunity. Can you blame me? The problem was that I had to wait until after I was done with the senior, and by then, the novelty of roaming around the warehouses near OMSI had worn off. Also, Owen had to go to the bathroom, so there's that, too. Let's just say I didn't get anything "card worthy," if you know what I mean.

I did think this one was cute and genuine, though.

a moment

I have another "genuine" one with Owen trying to poke Harrison's eye out, but I'll save that for a special occasion.


HipMomma said...

Um, I'd consider that card worthy. I think it's completely precious and priceless.

traceyclark said...

this is enchanting. the back story however makes it all the sweet for a shutter sister like me. i know all about the back stories! nice work under the circumstances! : )

carrie said...

OH...totally card worthy! It is gorgeous. Although I can't wait to see the one poking the eye out, too. I'm sure that one is just as memorable.

And I love the texture, it really does add to the depth of the photo.

Jen said...

Hey you have to take advantage of photos whenever possible. Especially with a perfect setting like this one. I think the photo turned out great and definitely card worthy.

shirley said...

I want to see the pic of Owen trying to poke out his brother's eye! Really nice capture.

susiej said...

Maybe that "poking the eye out" one would make a great holiday photo!
I love the richness of your photos.

puna said...

It's genuine love for each other I'm sure!

Dawn said...

I think that's a sweet shot and would look lovely on a card~

Smart momma for packing the shirts ;)

Cara said...

What a great idea. I was at the park over the weekend and though of a few shots I could take for a card but the clothes they were in were not coordinates. Next park trip I am packing!
I like this shot, I like how they are laughing with each other.