Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Theme Thursday: Everyday

I have to admit: I failed at my own assignment this week. The "shooting from the hip" thing just didn't happen. My excuses are as follows: Harrison was home sick and the weather was dreary. Put together, these factors did not inspire me in my photographic journey. I know, I should have taken something anyway, but I didn't.

Until we saw this driving home today:

end of the rainbow

Maybe not representative of the "everyday," but it sure made our day!

What did you capture this week?

P.S. If anyone noticed a crazy lady waving her camera out the window while driving on TV Highway on Wednesday afternoon, trying to aim it at the sky and see the road at the same time? It totally wasn't me.


Amy Jo said...

Wow! THat is spectacular! I wanted to do the shooting from the hip thing, too, but the weather has been awful. I find I shoot a lot less often when the light is crummy.

Here is my entry this week!

Cara said...

Megan you are too funny. I had grand ideas too. I actually starting taking pictures at breakfast and then going to work but then I got so busy it went to the wayside. I couldn't even get the one I did take off the camera.
I too have been know to whip out he camera while driving.
My post is one that I capture a week or so ago, my boys love to dance (jump) on Francesco's bed after bed and ask to do it almost everyday.
Here's my entry"
I Miei Due Bambini

chaoticfamily said...

Oh very fun. I like it. Rainbows are so pretty. Pretty funny I can imagine a lady with her camera hanging out her car!!! ;-)

shirley said...

Wow - what a wonderful rainbow - so bright and clear. Hey, that was me on the HW taking pictures - shhhh.. don't tell!