Sunday, November 1, 2009

BSM: Halloween

Of course I have to post the kids in their costumes today. But believe me, it was not without a struggle. First up, Harrison:

halloween ninja

He was a ninja, and I got a bunch of cute ones with him doing all these poses with his weapons. This is definitely the last year he'll be able to wear a kids' size costume. Even this one was almost too short.

Next up, Owen. What can I say? Let's just leave it at "ugly." Yes, it got ugly with me trying to get him outside to take his picture. I'll spare you the details, but this photo certainly speaks to his enthusiasm for the whole experience:

jango fett

Jango Fett here was one ill-tempered bounty hunter. So was his mother.


HipMomma said...

Boy costumes just crack me up. The names of the characters crack me up even more.

Phyllis Sommer said...

how funny....i find it so hard to take pictures of my kids in costumes too. they are not interested in standing still, and the ninja poses (i had a ninja too) are pretty hard to capture - and they move around so fast!!!!

oh well....cute tho:-)

Golightly said...

My Harrison was all about posing, hubby was trying to rush us out the door so I couldn't change my camera settings fast enough. Harrison would have LOVED your Harrison's Ninja if he had seen it. Once he decided wear what he wore last year, we didn't even venture to another costume store.

Love Owen, he had some method acting going on with that costume - become the character - LOL! sorry you were ill-tempered, but they are BOTH great captures!

Anonymous said...

=) I can just imagine it. I was sort of glad my little guy didn't care this year...

Dawn said...

He's thrilled ;)
LOL,we had a bit of that here too!

Never That Easy said...

Lil Girl couldn't stop wiggling either, so my pictures are more of the "get this quick" variety, but that's alright: they had fun.

And I hope you and your guys did too.

Sean said...

Bounty Hunters are a surly lot and rarely sociable. Owen took on the spirit of his costume as well.