Sunday, June 7, 2009

BSM: The Last of Baseball

Baseball is almost over. Technically, it IS over. But the league thought it would be nice for Harrison's team to make up the games it missed due to weather issues. That means seven games in twelve days. The last game was supposed to be this past Saturday. Instead, we have three games in a row this week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I tried to make the best of it on Saturday by taking some (slightly) more creative shots at the game.


the dugout

hat hiding

Yeah, this last one sums up how I feel about baseball, too.


Amy Jo said...

That is a lot of baseball in a short period of time. I guess the upside is that the players won't be too sad the season is over, right? :)

I like the first one with the cage. I love watching kids watch things.

HipMomma said...

Goodness, your shots are crystal clear. Nicely done. I liked the first one best until I saw the last one. Cute.

Jen said...

Man, oh man. That is craziness!! I love that last shot. Priceless.

carrie said...

goodness gracious - that is a lot of baseball! but on the plus side, you got some fun camera time and some beauty shots!