Saturday, June 20, 2009

Australia Update

We arrived in Cairns yesterday after a very long (almost 24 hour) journey. We haven't been able to hook up to the internet from our room, and I couldn't even get on the free WiFi at a local hotspot, so I'm afraid there will be no photos (and possibly not many posts) until we return.

A few things I've noticed in the 24 hours we've been here:

1. Lots of Americans here. I hear American accents everywhere...and they just aren't as lilting and lovely as the Aussie ones.

2. Prices are very high. Even with the exchange rate (which is favorable to the US dollar), the cost of everything makes James have to remind me, "we're on vacation."

3. So many choices for our Great Barrier Reef trip. Am stressing about choosing the wrong one!

4. Did anyone else know that they have Target in Australia -- who knew?

5. Yes, I DID go into the Target...I just couldn't resist.


Amy Jo said...

We'll miss you this week, but that's what vacations are for! Unplug and enjoy your time with your family! Besides, then you'll have tons of material once you get home!

Sean said...

I feel James' pain on the vacation reminder. Jenna had to go to the world's biggest Kmart on Guam when we were in Saipan. Have fun.

the Hough's said...

We are having Kyser withdrawals! I hope you are having a wonderful time away...and alone. I am feeling so hip, that I actually am out on your blog. Can't wait to hear about your trip, and see your amazing photos whan you get back.