Thursday, January 27, 2011

Team-Up Thursday: Week Fifty (STACKED)


Love the colors and light in our diptych this week. STACKED was a fun theme, even though mine might be more accurately described as a "cluster" rather than a stack. I took mine in Las Vegas this weekend. The Bellagio had some wonderful displays celebrating Chinese New Year, and I loved this tree filled with colorful decorations. Melody couldn't have been more on target with V's stack of wood. Melody has a way capturing soft lighting that I adore, and this photograph is no exception.

Next week, we're tackling BEHIND for our theme.

Now, I have a shameless plug: I'm a finalist in the Greeblepix January Photo Contest and I would love to have your vote. Mine is the black and white shot I used last week in my diptych, so it's easy to spot. Pop on over and check out all the great shots ...and vote for me while you're at it :).

Can't wait to see everyone's dips!

P.S. I've got someone waiting for a partner, so if you're lurking and want to join the fun, email me at


Jessie said...

Your shot is so colorful and beautiful. What an interesting way to interpret the theme. I love it! I like Melody's style too and this is great shot!

Angie and I did STACKED too.

I am so hoping that you win over at Greeble Monkey. What fun it will be to spend that gc :) I already voted but I hope that everyone else will too! Take care!

Kimberly said...

In my current world of the bleak grey and whites of winter, I long to stand beneath the warmth of color in your photo. I am just drinking it in. :)


Carrie and I were stacked this week too. (For once in my life.) ;)

Kimberly said...

Oh, and I love your new header!

hipMomma said...

I love how your colors are so vibrant. Beautiful contrast in our dip this week. STACKED over here, too.

shirley said...

Love the stacked lanterns - they match some of the pink in V's shirt. Great dip!

Lee Curie and I chose Comfort as this week's theme.

And I'll send you a vote, too! Good luck!

Jen said...

Those lanterns are so bright and cheery. Such a lovely contrast with Melody soft, sweet shot.

Cara and I did Stacked too.

I voted woohoo. I hope you win.

Together We Save said...

I love it!!! The pictures are great!!

Anonymous said...

Our "stacked" is here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the looking up & the wood is genius! Thanks for the great inspiration - AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

I love both of these images. They are absolutely stunning.
Staci & I and Kris and I also did "Stacked."
Thanks for the inspiration