Tuesday, January 4, 2011



We were so cold out walking today at five that I'm still not warm yet.

But what a fabulous sunrise.


Michelle G said...

Okay...theres a 5 AM too?? lol
I always joke that I KNOW there's one on that side of the day...I'm just not sure I want to see it :)
Just kidding of course.
My hubby and I just celebrated 25 years of marriage.....I am a night owl - he is a morning person.
When we were first married he thought he'd be "romantic" and wake me up to go see the sunrise - he still laughs when he tells people I opened one eye and said "oh no thanks, I've seen it before" and fell back asleep.

Beautiful pic - now I've seen it in person and in pics :)

Happy 2011!

shirley said...

Man, our 5am looks a lot different - it's pitch black here! Love the pinks and the silhouette of the trees.

Arizaphale said...

Glorious. Worth the walk? I am impressed that you walk at that time.