Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Watching You


We didn't go to Vegas to gamble. But we thought it would be fun to pull some slots, especially those nice nickel ones. At least the nickel ones they used to have.

Since I grew up going to Las Vegas a lot to visit my grandparents, I remember the thrill and simplicity of the "one-armed bandits." Put in a coin, pull the lever, see if the little fruits line up and you win.

Not so much these days.

Now, you press a button. No more pulling the handle. And, instead of coins, you put in dollars...or your credit card (and we wonder why gambling's an addiction).

The worst part is that we couldn't even figure out how to play the machines -- seriously. There were all different kinds of lines and combinations to choose from even before you pressed the button.

So Keely went a-stalkin'. And she picked this little old lady to watch. Can you see how Keely's studying her? She tried to ask her a question, but either the woman didn't speak English or (more likely) she was too busy and purposely ignored her.

Gambler's Anonymous doesn't need to worry about us. We're too stupid to figure out the two cent slot machines.


Keely Grant said...

Too funny! I was really studying her. I love how you captured that :)

Sean said...

You should have to Fremont street or off the strip. They still have some of the fun old machines

Michelle G said...

This is so comforting somehow. :)
Hubby and I treated each other to a couples massage day at the Hard Rock here in South Florida. We went away for the whole weekend - well of course being at the Hard Rock we say "let's take $20 and just go have fun on the slots!"
WE COULD NOT figure them out to save our lives! - we DID loose the 20 because we kept trying ("HOW HARD COULD IT BE?!")
Thanks for the "stalker" photo - lol

shirley said...

OMG! You are not alone! My hubby and I went to Vegas in November and could not figure out those blasted machines!
We sought out the machines where it allowed you to pull a lever. But still couldn't figure any of it out.
We just watched others burn through their money.....
Great picture - I think that's the Bellagio?

Jenny said...