Sunday, January 2, 2011

Every Day in January...Maybe


I'm too chicken to try the 365 project, so I thought I'd start small and promise to photo-post every day in January.

This photo involved some cajoling, as you can see by the "smile" on Owen's face. The rest of my month may involve photos of inanimate objects only. They can't get mouthy when you try to get them to pose.

Two down, 29 to go.


Arizaphale said...

Well mouthy or not you sure got a great shot! I thought briefly about trying the NABLPOMO challenge for January before I thought: 'what are you THINKING?????'Yikes! :-D

tracey clark said...

i just love this. what a treasure. thank you for all the images you've shared for BSM. i love following your family through your images.

Golightly said...

You go girl! Only 28 more to go. A great picture of you all!