Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Sixteen (MOM)

MOM dip

When I opened Melody's photo this week, I had only one response: Wow. Really. One of my favorite Melody photos ever, and that's saying something because she's got fabulous photos in her archives. Everything about this photo is perfect. I'm hoping she hasn't shown her husband so she can blow it up huge and give it to him for Father's Day.

Interestingly, mine features a trio of women as well: my mom, my gramma, and my great-grandmother. I never met my great-grandmother, so I love that we have photos of her. I do like that this diptych portrays trios of women past and present, memories made and preserved and memories in the making.

I hope that this inspires you to make sure that YOU are in photographs with your children and loved ones. It doesn't matter that you don't think your hair is perfect or you'd like to lose a few pounds. Your family knows what you look like, and they want to have pictures of you WITH them. Future generations will be especially grateful.

Can't wait to see what you have to show us this week here and in our flickr pool.

P.S. Our theme for next week is HOT & COLD.


Michel said...

Its like you two are in each other's heads. I love these. together and separately. wonderful!

that is a common theme these days, getting ourselves in photos.... it is important, but its just so much easier snapping them of others... haha.

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW! you both did fabulous. Seriously.....both made me think "WOW!" inspiring.

Berta and I did "side by side". I wish I knew how to put a link in my comment, but I don't. Just go through my profile. :)

bBchronicles said...

Both of your photos are inspiring and I totally feel the way you do about leaving photos/writings for your posterity. I started journaling and photography because I having nothing written and very few photos of my grandparents - how I would love to read even one paragraph they wrote! Your photos (both) are thought provoking and special.

Corey and I did "Side by Side" for our theme - probably one of my favorites.

Joanna said...

Wow, sometimes people just really hit it on the head with these themes and you guys did it this week. I love the nostalgia of your shot and the currentness of Melody's shot, along with the generations. So great.

Christina and I did Motherhood

Jill J said...

Those are both beautiful, simple and elegant. I have a feeling I'm going to love looking at the other diptychs of "mom."

Golightly said...

WOW, I love your diptych this week. Love it.

Here's mine.

jillconyers said...

All around great theme and photos. Timeless. Love the contrast and the simplicity.

This week is COLOR

Amy Jo said...

I love taking photos of old photographs. It's like some sort of meta-artistic-sentimental thing for me. Both of these photos are amazing. You guys never let me down!

Here is our latest: M is for Monkey

HipMomma said...

Darn, that woulda been a great idea, to save the pic for Father's Day. You shoulda told me sooner. ;) MOM is our theme.

Jessie said...

WOW, those are gorgeous! I just love yours Megan. I was raised by my great grandmother and I immediately thought of her when I looked at it. 4 generations - awesome! Melody's is so soft and beautiful. Again, WOW!

Angie and I did MOM as well.
Have a great day!

Jessie said...

I just read through the other comments. Lots of wows :) I think you will have many more as the day goes on.

JoLyn said...

This is really of my favorites. One of those sets you could just keep looking at because it says so much.

We did "looking up" today.

Jen said...

You guys knocked it out of the park this week. Holy cow. I am in love with both photos and the worked perfectly together.

Here's ours this week:

shirley said...

Wow, so lovely - I love the sentiments expressed in these photos and they make for a lovely diptych.

Lee and I are up with Simple Pleasures

Christina said...

Double WOW! These are both incredible, so full of nostalgia and emotion. Exquisite work this week, ladies - I think it's my fav yet!

Jo and I did Motherhood

Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

How awesome to have that photo of your family to treasure foreever. And yes, Melody's photo is beautiful....very dreamy and surreal. Love the lighting. Dawn and I decided to do "negative space" this week.
team up

Kerstin said...

what a great theme and what great pics - and in germany we had mothers day last week (no idea if there was mothers day in us too).
Marcelle and I did join the fun of team up thursday for the first time and we both were very excited and a little nervous. but in the end it was just fun. I am soo inspired by all these great photographers here and really looking forward for next weeks team up thursday - theme is...... -let's see :)

ibeeeg said...

I think, so far, this is my favorite Dip from you guys. Simply, it is beautiful, a treasure for both of you!
I like both of the photos very much. They both give me ideas for a future photo shoot. Thanks.

Shari and I chose to do Black & White: 10 Minutes from Home.

You can view our blog's for further details on our diptych.
Deanna's blog
Shari's blog.

Renee said...

Wow - I love both of your photos! We did mom as well, and through coincidence both did reflections of ourselves! We just posted to the flickr pool.

carrie said...

Both photos are just spectacular and together...they are a lovely tribute to all generations..past, present, future moms. I love it.

We also did Mom this week, but handed our cameras over to the kiddos, with surprising results!

Cara said...

My reaction to both was WOW! I love how you both have 3 people and all women! Beautiful job ladies!

Joanne said...

Beautiful and Inspirational!

Marcelle said...

Hello Megan

I do team up with Kerstin, see you left her a message on her blog...My blog is set on private and I add your link with Berta who introduced me to this challenge at the bottom on my entry.