Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Fifteen

So I finally got around to looking at all the dips from last week -- and the many banana shots -- in the flickr pool. What fun! After a vacation, even a brief weekend getaway, it's nice to have something fun to do, and checking out all your great team-ups fit the bill.

This week, FRIENDS was our theme. I thought I would come back from my girls' weekend with tons of artistic and exciting shots from which to choose. Yeah, not so much. We had a blast, and maybe because of that fact, I really didn't take many shots. When we went out and about, it was two other gals with small p & s cameras that did most of the photo taking. Especially when we went dancing until all hours.

This shot was one of our beach walks where I did take my camera. I couldn't resist that lovely light late in the day. In fact, both Melody and I seem to have chosen golden light moments for our shots this week. Melody's shot, with the three kids all in mid-action in that wonderful field of flowers -- just delicious!

For me, I'm still savoring the girl time:).

friends dip

Remember to post to our fabulous flickr pool. I get inspired every time I look at the creations in our group.

Also, Melody and I are going to try to post our new theme for the upcoming week on Thursdays. Hopefully we can stay on the ball. To that end, we're going to tackle MOM this join us or pick your own. Either way, we'll see you back here next week!


~Kristina said...

You ladies rock! Those pictures are sensational.
I can't wait to see what next week unveils.

Corey~living and loving said...

both are so wonderful. love all the color. :) friends are such a happy subject. :)

Berta and I did "negative Space".

Joanna said...

Both shots are wonderful and warm. The warm yellows on top and the warm blues on the bottom really go great together. How can you not smile when looking at these shots of friends. Great job Ladies.

Christina and I did A Moment in Time

carrie said...

Gorgeous. Wow...that light is just so beautiful and you are right you guys did both capture some great shots. I'm glad you didn't have too many to choose from, though...that means you were having fun and not too worried about getting a shot!

Kimberly and I shot two very different takes on STUCK today.

Christina said...

you guys blew it out of the water this week. WOW, gorgeous images and so full of happy emotion. Glorious light and even more glorious friendship. I'm glad you had fun and didn't worry too much about The Shot!

Jo and I captured the same Moment in Time this week!

jillconyers said...

Beautiful photos that capture friends perfectly.

Tina and I shot Kids this week

Jessie said...

Wow! I have always just wanted to see such a beautiful field of flowers like that. Just gorgeous. Your beach shot 1st made me say "Beautiful" 2nd made me miss the beach and 3rd made me realize I need a GNO lol :) Fabulous week!

Angie and I did COLOR

HipMomma said...

It's such a great shot, Megan. Definitely represents what I think of when I think of girl trip. We did FRIENDS.

Gini said...

Just fantastic. I love the friendship as children matched with friendship as adults. Great combo and the ultimate description of the word in pictures!!

Amy Jo said...

I love the groups of kids and then the group of adults. The colors that time of day really are exquisite, aren't they? You guys never fail to amaze me!

Here is L is for Lollipop. My kids are getting all sorts of treats for the sake of this project. Ice cream, jelly beans, lollipops! They sure are enjoying it!

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! I could easily pick either of those photos for "place I'd rather be" right now. Beautiful.

Carrie and I went with "Stuck" this week. :)

Jen said...

I love the warm tones in both shots. Your girls trip sounds amazing.

Cara and I didOut of Focus this week.

Sarah G {} said...

Oh girls I always love checking in.
Love that beach shot. It truly captures friendship and I love that you can see the hills in the background, great one !

We did COLOR today!

Terry's Girl said...

I so love these shots, the one with the children and the homemade tipi is wonderful and boy would I like to sink my toes into that sand right about now, no more of this snow.
My wonderful friend and photographer teacher Michel and I teamed up this week and did patterns.
I am having so much fun doing this with her and learning so much.
With you posting your theme on Thursdays we will be able to have time to join in on your fun as well.
check us out at (I wish I knew how to link you there.)

shirley said...

Ah, today's pictures and dip made me smile. I love the light and the friendship.

Lee and I are Looking Up today

Michel said...

Great shots ladies! I love the action in the first with a soft gentleness in the second. beautiful light in both. wow. We didn't get the theme this week until too late so as Donna just mentioned above, we did patterns.
you can find our link here

we love participating in these! thanks again, and we look forward to Mother...

bBchronicles said...

Hi everyone - I LOVE the top photo - that will be such a cherished photo in the future - you captured it perfectly - doesn't look staged - just kids having fun.

Love the second as well - as there's no other place I'd rather be than on the beach with my friends!!! LOVE the colors in both.

Corey and I did NEGATIVE SPACE!

Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

Both images are beautiful! Love the field of flowers. And how lucky to spend time with your friends. Sounds like fun. Dawn and I did "light"


Amanda said...

These are great! I love how relaxed the beach scene is...and yet, how much it makes me think about how friends together is often just the kind of retreat we need to keep moving forward!

The colors in both are amazing - I'm especially loving that tent!

Here's our dip for this week's Moment in Time theme!

JoLyn @ A Year of Happy said...

Great Friends shots--love the one on the beach. Terrific!

We did "Peaceful" today!

ibeeeg said...

Wow...I really love this week's dip! You both conveyed friends beautifully. You guys rocked!

This week, Shari and chose the theme - Landscape.

Deanna's blog
Shari's blog.

Cara said...

Beautiful shots from you both. I like the contrast of the kids from the front and the women from behind. The light in both is fabulous.
Jen and I did Out of Focus

Joanne said...

Both shots are fabulous! I had a busy week so have posted a bit late, we did friends as well! Thanks for the theme early - having the weekend to shoot is great!

luna pie said...

How fun!? Both photographs have a sense of freedom and being lost in a moment. The quality of light in both fit so well together. Beautiful!

Mary and I tackle LOVE and HATE this week at A PERSPECTIVE PROJECT