Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Seventeen (HOT/COLD)

hot/cold diptych

For some reason -- and I think Melody would agree -- this theme turned out to be a tough one. However, I do like the final product. The tongue on the cold popsicle and the wrinkly toes in the hot bath make a great contrast. I especially like that we both ended up with a top-to-toes kind of diptych.

Since I scrambled a bit for this week, I have been reflecting on what I've been learning since beginning this project. One thing that sticks out is the fact that I've become better at envisioning what I want for a particular image, but not upset if something else develops as an end result. Chewing over the themes has really gotten my creative juices flowing, particularly when I'm trying to create something new (to me) and expand my artistic vision.

I'd love to know: what are you learning in this weekly endeavor?

Share your dips with us here and in the flickr pool.

Edited to add: Melody and I are doing OUT OF FOCUS next week...see you then!


Corey~living and loving said...

hmmmm.....I'm trying to figure out the theme. I have no idea. I'll have to go back and look when you announced it.
I do like the diptych. I see "childhood", "kids", and "fun".

Berta and I did SLEEP!

Kristen said...

I LOVE the colors in the Popsicle picture. It looks so yummy.

Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

mmm, the popsicle looks yummy, and gotta love the toesies! Here's Dawn & my diptych for this week.


Kerstin said...

first: beautiful photos and great presented -
second: love both captured moments
third: about the theme: 'top to toes '? LOL.
Thats a tricky one - I have no idea and I think I have to get used thinking in different ways.
Would love to leave a link to Marcelle and my weekly theme but have no idea how to do it :(.

jillconyers said...

Our theme this week...white space

I'm looking forward to browsing your themes this evening after work :)

Jessie said...

I love the way that you placed the shots - cool. That is a mouth watering popsicle shot. Awesome. The bath one just cracks me up. Lounging in the hot baths early. Gosh, when was my last bath w/o kids?

Angie and I haven't ventured far from your themes yet. It is tough to pick them. I have enjoyed this challenge though and look forward to dreaming up what I will come up with each week. Sometimes it is well thought out and sometimes thrown together. Like this week b/c I was sick :)

We went with you guys again and did HOT & COLD

HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

"Hot and Cold for me. It's actually cold on top with the popsicle and hot on the bottom because V has to have her water hot.

Joanne said...

These are great photos for what was a difficult theme! Rose & I also did Hot & Cold

Joanne said...

I too, would love it if someone could explain how to post a link??

the aunt who always has gum said...

We went with the hot & cold as well.
Love the bold color of the popsicle shot and the shot tones of the tub :)

Kimberly said...

I think it's actually getting easier for me too. I was really scrambling there at the beginning to think of a photo to fit the themes, but now it's happening more organically. Love that. And love the cold/hot theme you guys have going on. Such delicious contrasts. :)

Carrie and I did "Time" this week.

Christina said...

Lots of nice contrasts there!I think the fact that he's wearing a cool blue shirt helps to accent that hot/cold theme.

I'm not stressing over the themes as much anymore either...but that's kinda a drawback too, since that means I procrastinate on it! I didn't get my shot to my partner until 11:00 last night. :oP

Anyway, Jo and I did out of focus

Jen said...

I agree with you. I find that have more of a vision of what I want to photograph for the theme, but don't beat myself up if it doesn't work out. I am still having a blast with the project.

Cara and I did Numbers

Joanna said...

Yup, trying to envision how to reflect the theme and what you want your shot to be is the fun of it and lets the creative juices flow.

Im a little behind this morning, but as Christina said, we tackled Out of Focus

shirley said...

I like the top to bottom pairing. Hot and Cold does seem like it could be hard to convey. I love the colors of top picture and the cute wrinkly feet on the bottom.

This week, I chose the theme of Work. Lee and I have been having a great time with this challenge!

Amy Jo said...

We've been learning that a little bit of planning goes a long way! Most weeks we prepare in advance, but this week I was putting everything together at 7 this morning!

Loving the popcicle and toe combo. I think I may have taken nearly idential shots of my own in the past.

N is for Nose

Terry's Girl said...

My Team Up partner Michel and I are really getting into the groove with this weekly theme adventure. Its really enjoyable to take a theme that so many are doing, run off and get creative with ut, then come back together to show what we all found. It really is allot of fun and a great new way to look at the world.
Check out our Hot/Cold visual over at

reneejphotos on flickr said...

Great pics! Love the top to toes connection as well. I struggled this week with this photo too..... SnapYappy and I posted on the flickr group:)
This is such a fun group - thanks for the great ideas. Looking forward to OOF!!

Michel said...

As donna mentioned we are loving this process! and I totally agree with you about envisioning the shot but being happy with the results either way.

I love how differently my partner and I see the world, and how fun the dips are together.

Killlashandra said...

I like your top to toes thought on this combo. The shots totally work together and also gives the impression of fun. :)

Marty and I took a stab athot/cold too this week.

I have to agree with your comment about envisioning what you want to shoot. I find that I do that more now too. Thinking about the theme for a few days and then starting to plan out possible ideas. :)

Dawn said...

I was wondering what you two would come up with, this seemed like a hard one!

I have learned to start early in the week, when I wait until Monday to start I am feeling rushed.

Love this challenge, I think my favorite part is seeing what eveyone else has come up with, so much creativity! :)

Mandy and I did From Down Low...

Yvette said...

I thought this was a tricky one this week. I didn't really get to be creative, was just too busy chasing the toddler around. I think what I am learning or trying to focus on is that I want my photo to try and explicitly describe the category. I want to try to look at my photo and have it speak the topic. I am still working on that though. :)
here is our entry:

Joanne said...

Thnaks for the info on how to create a link - it was perfect!

Cara said...

I love how you did a duel theme, with the top to bottom. I find every week tricking, but that is the fun of it. When we pick a theme I have grand ideas but as always, life happens. I am usually scrambling and sometimes it really pans out and sometimes not. I am okay with that. I really enjoy the fun of it all and all the new friends that I have found!

Jen and I did Numbers this week.