Monday, May 10, 2010

BSM: Mother's Day

For my Mother's Day outing this year, we spent the day at the coast, and what a gorgeous day it was. We decided to hike down to Crescent Beach, a 1.25 mile hike in Ecola State Park. So worth it.

First there was this:

hike to crescent beach

Then we saw this:

crescent beach

And finally this:


Hope your day was equally glorious.


Jenny said...

You win.

Amy Jo said...

Awesome family shot! It looks like your mother's day was perfect!

HipMomma said...

Ok, mine was great but not in that way. How fantastic to have all that close by.

Cara said...

That is one good looking bunch! I so want to go on that hike. The beach is gorgeous!

Blue Moon Mama said...

Love your photos! I so miss the west coast.

Scrolled through your blog a bit just to look at photos and really enjoyed it. Your photos are so vibrant and life filled.

Grr, wish I could look at your posts in detail but my baby thinks I should play with her instead lol. But I will be back. Great blog!

Lis said...

Oh my ... can I join your family? Absolutely gorgeous photos and what a wonderful group shot!

Mary said...

Looks like an absolutely beautiful hike.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jen said...

What a perfect way to spend Mother's Day. Absolutely beautiful views.

kristinlark said...

awesome flicks. love the one of the fam. :)