Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Four

Melody and I chose "NINE" this week for our theme:

diptych: nine

I adore Melody's candle shot; I didn't ask how many takes were necessary to get them all lit at the same time. I decided to go with a simple photo this week, a view of NINE from around the house. I liked how the texture of the desk set off the smoothness of the domino.

I'm actually on vacation right now, so if I don't comment on your dip immediately, I might be soaking up the sun instead. I will get to them all, I promise. I'm looking forward to the creations, even if I have to bring my computer out to the pool :).

Now, a bit of business: Melody and I thought it would be fun to have everyone work with the same theme this coming week: SELF PORTRAIT. Self portraits are a great way to get creative with the camera, and it would also be really fun to "see" who's playing every week. We'd love everyone to play along, so get those reflective surfaces and self timers ready to go!

BTW: I do have one person waiting for a partner, so if you have a friend who'd like to play, I've got a partner in the wings -- just let me know!


Corey~living and loving said...

What a really fun pairing. totally great with the silver and the black and white. They really go so very well together.

Berta and I did "Wet". :)

Joanna said...

Both of you did great takes on the number nine. I love the simplicity of the dominos shot, yet the little texture of the desk adds so much. And the candles were brilliant Melody. Very clever to have her hold them instead of just putting them on a cake or something.

Ok, the self portrait thing? I am so fat and pregnant right now that my nose is taking over my face. I think I am going to have to get creative on this one!

Joanna said...

Shoot, I forgot to add our posts for this week....I think I am way too hung up on the self portrait!!

Christina and I did VARIETY this week.

bBchronicles said...

Your photos are REALLY, REALLY sweet! Love the simplicity of the domino and the candles are darling (watch that wax!!!) - very clever on both shots. This is such fun to see everyones creativity.

As Corey said, we did "Wet" this week - I'm lovin' it!

Christina said...

Your domino is so simple and so balanced. The texture of the desk is the perfect complement. And Melody's Natayla with her hands full of NINE candles is pure sweetness!

Self-portraits. Oy, you guys are tough. Well, okay then!

Like Jo said, we did VARIETY this week.

HipMomma said...

I took about three clicks and then she complained that the wax was burning her. I said, "Suck it up! It's all in the name of art." Not really. ;) Luckily we got it. She's 9 today!

Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, I love the images you two came up with, they look great together!

Krista and I did "nine" too and I decided to cheat a little and produce a diptych in a most unusual way!

i love plum said...

self portraits, great!!! jenny and i moved back in time and did 'movement' since we missed that one! about to post it now!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh... she's nine TODAY! that is SO neat!
great shots... love them both.

megan sure hope you are enjoying your time away...
have fun!

we did

Stephanie said...

Love these photos! OOOOO, "self-portrait" that's a challenge that leaves me nervous...but I'll play!
Amy Craft and I choose the theme "new" this week:
Have fun in the sun!!!

Killlashandra said...

Hmmm, I'm one of those people that tends to dread self portraits. Somehow I always think my nose looks like a hawk's beak in them. LOL

I like both nine shots. The domino has a nice bit of starkness about it. And the birthday calendars are just awesome. :)


Kimberly said...

The desk texture reminds me of the veining on a leaf. Love that. Great pairing aagain this week. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else next week. (Though not myself so much.) Haha!

Kimberly said...

Oh, here's mine and Carrie's:


noodle and lou said...

oh boy...self portrait...putting on my thinking cap!

lovely pairing you 2! love those 9 candles...what a sweet day! enjoy!!


Jen said...

Once again great pairing guys. I love the simplicity of the domino. The candles were a great idea.

Here's ours:

Cara said...

You both are so creative. I love the simplicity of the domino and you are so right about the texture against the smoothness. I too would love to know how many take Melody had to do to get that shot, so creative and sweet.

Here's our's: Shadows

carrie said...

I love the texture. And then the softness of the flames on the candles - very cool together.

I hope you are having an amazing time on vacation! I can't wait to hear about it.

And self portrait....grooooan. I'll see what my other half a team thinks. :-)

We did Family today, though.

Jenny said...

You guys all get up way too early. Holy crap did I see a 4:35 am post there?

Love your shot.
PS can I do a nude self portrait?
Just teasing.

christimooney said...

still looking for a partner for Team Up Thursday?

Melissa G said...

I just love this - what great interpretations of such a simple theme. The greys together with the burst of color from the candles are so pleasing.

Anna and I chose Blur this week.

Jaimee said...

So cool! We chose snow

Amy Jo said...

Both of those shots are so interesting. The simplicity of the domino is a nice contrast to how difficult managing those lit candles must have been.

I look forward to next week!

Angie Seaman said...

Hi there. I'd love to get in on this and play along. Are there any partners left? If not, can you let me know if one comes available? HOW FUN!

Thanks a million!
Angie Seaman

Yvette said...

the great thing about yours and melody's nine is that I new it was nine before i saw the theme! i think that is cool. ok, i am back from vac (and I didn't take my computer) but my partner is gone on her vacation. I will see if we can get it together for a self portrait---ohhh, scarry! i have never tried one. hmmmm... will need to think about something "me"

Little Black Dresser said...

Hi there...I still would like to join in..let me know if you have got a partner....thanks