Sunday, February 7, 2010

BSM: Concentration in Action

Question: What is the most useful part of the body for playing basketball??


Answer: It's the tongue, dummy.
(You really have to see this one large to appreciate it.)


HipMomma said...

I was gonna say the tongue! It's essential in concentration. Look at him go! The other kids have cleared a path for him and everything. ;)

Cara said...

Love it, my youngest always has his tongue hanging out. Too cute!

Joanna said...

Great action shot. The tounge totally makes it. And congrats on getting into Artfully blogging!! I am so excited for you all who made it. I am going to run out and get my issue today hopefully!

Kimberly said...

Haha! Now THAT is concentration!

Leisa Hammett said...

Congratulations on making one of the featured photographers in Artful Blogging!