Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Forty Four (METAL)

We're back! It was a bit strange to skip a week, but we figured everyone (in the U.S.) would be busy with family, friends, and turkey.


METAL was our theme for the week, and we came up with an interesting diptych. I love the feeling Melody's mariachi trumpets evoke: a fun night of celebration!

Mine is more mundane: shot of my son's METAL MEDAL. Do you like that? "Metal medal?" I can hear your groans from here :).

Next week, we're working on WORDS as our theme, so join us! Check out the flickr pool and keep taking great shots.

P.S. I've got a new player who would love a partner. Any lurkers out there waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump in? Now's your chance. Email me at and let me know.

P.P.S. CONTEST COMING SOON! Melody and I have a little contest coming your way...very soon...check back in the next few days for details!


Jen said...

I love the contrast between the 2 shots. Very creative theme too.

Cara and I did End of the Day .

Jen said...

Let me try this again
End of Day

Joanna said...

Difficult theme, but you guys managed to pull it off wonderfully. I love the bright colors on yours Megan.

Christina and I did thankful

HipMomma said...

I almost did V's new cheer trophy. She's been carrying it around. Woulda matched your's perfectly. METAL over here.

Linda-Maree said...

Hi There, We took a three week break, but we are back this week with Creative Editing - lots of fun was had by both of us..Maybe it is because we took a fairly long break, but it seemed like everyone was taking a break - Glad to see we are all coming back slowly..Love the theme and the photos. Lots of love

Kimberly said...

Haha! Excellent word play Megan. ;)

Carrie and I went with the theme busy this week.

~Kristina said...

I like that this week can be read a few ways from both those snaps. Well done!
Puna and I spun out this week with <a href=">HERE.</a>

Arizaphale said...

Oooo I like that!