Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Thirty-Nine (BUBBLES)

bubble dip

Ah...BUBBLES -- what a happy theme! But really, we had a less than happy week here when Owen broke his arm in two places. Not so many bubbles in the ER, I can say that.

He's home from school this week until they x-ray his arm again and put on a more permanent cast. So I made him be useful and blow some bubbles for me. I figured he needed something to pass the time:). You can even see the edges of his sling if you look carefully.

I love the ethereal nature of Melody's BUBBLE shot. So dreamy with that gorgeous sky.

Check out all the great dips in the pool, and be sure to leave a comment here.

Next week, we're taking it down with CALM for our theme. That's me hoping for a less stressful vibe:).


bBchronicles said...

SOOOOO sorry to hear about the broken arm - but THOSE BUBBLES are pure medicine. I love photos of kids blowing bubbles - kind of therapeutic, in my opinion! Love both shots and the beautiful colors they produce!

Corey and I did "SMALL" this week!

Corey~living and loving said...

Great diptych you have there. Bubbles is such a fun theme. the broken arm just sounds awful. :(

As Berta already mentioned...we did SMALL.

Rhian Claire said...

Love the bubbles, so much fun!

Jessie said...

Poor baby! What a bummer for him :( That is a great action shot though! Melody's is beautiful. Perfect lighting!

Angie & I also did BUBBLES. Thanks for hosting!

HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

BUBBLES for me, too.

It's such a scary thought, poor guy. At least from the picture, he doesn't look like he's suffering too much.

Puna said...

Such a wonderful combo! Kristina and I are behind you one week. So glad your little boy is better! Ouch!

Jen said...

Oh, poor guy. I hope he feels better soon. He looks like an expert bubble blower though. Melody's bubbles are dreamy.

Here's ours this week:

Joanna said...

Poor little guy! I cant imagine my babies breaking something and not being able to make it feel better for them. Look at his sad little face in the picture below! :(

Great bubble duo. Melody's is very gentle and quiet, while yours is an action shot.

Christina and I did FOOD this week.

Christina said...

Oh NO! Poor Mr. Owen. :o(

Awesome bubble shots, tho! Love that creamy bokeh in the back. And ethereal is the perfect word for Mel's sweet shot.

Jo and I did FOOD this time!

Killlashandra said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about the broken arm. Although I'm glad bubbles were a nice distraction. I hope it heals quick. :)

I like the ethereal and then the grounded shot with your combo.

Here we are with BUBBLES!

Cara said...

I hope that Owen is doing okay. Nice thing about kids is they heal pretty quick. Look at the bright side at least it's not the summer and he can't go swimming or the beach.

This week Jen and I did milestone as our theme.

I truly hope you week is as calm as your theme!

shirley said...

Oh, sorry to hear about Owen's arm - He looks like he's being a trooper through it all, so hopefully it will heal fast. Maybe he'll get a cool cast that all his friends can sign.

The bubble dip is so cool - what a great theme.

Lee and I did Laces:

Kimberly said...

Beautiful bubbles and even bubbly bokeh, even if blown by a boy with a broken arm. (I read waaaay too many kids books.) :) Hope he heals quickly!

Carrie and I went with the bubble theme this week too.