Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Twenty-Six (SILHOUETTE)

silhouette dip

This was a fun one! I really love silhouette shots, and I wanted to try to capture one in a new location, somewhere you might not immediately associate with this type of shot. The perfect opportunity presented itself when James and Owen went to hit balls at the driving range. The shot is somehow intimate in the middle of a very public setting as they lean towards each other to study the ball.

And doesn't Melody's just scream FREEDOM? Love the joy captured here, even though the viewer can't see the jumper's expression. That's what I love about silhouettes: the ability to express a feeling just by looking at the outlines of a figure, no face necessary. FYI: This shot looks even better in the large size, so click on over to flickr to see it there.

Looking forward to checking out all the dips this week, here and in the flickr pool. Remember, if you've just been watching, jump into the diptych pool at any time -- we'd love to see your creativity!

Next week, Melody and I will be working on DOORS. Don't let one hit you on the way out...:).


Laura said...

Here is our take on this week's challenge! :)

bBchronicles said...

I LOVE silhouettes - not always successful at shooting one - but yours are wonderful! YES, they ARE intimate and NO faces necessary but they both draw you in in a special way. Nicely done and Corey and I are going to have to do this in the future.

Corey and I did SASSY! Crazy@

Andrea said...

FANTASTIC, def a theme I am going to remember to try :0)

LOVE the intimacy in your shot, somehow it is made even more special by the fact that it is a silouette xxx

Jessie said...

I love both of your shots this week. Melody's is so fun! I do love that you can see such a connection in yours. Perfect ladies!

Angie and I also did SILHOUETTE.
Thanks for hosting!

Kerstin said...

wow wow wow - both shots are fantastic and the theme is one I have to remember.
And I love the fact that your photo is taken at the driving range - reminds me I have to be there soon.
You can really "see" (although its just a silhouette) how both are very concentrated. Well caotured again :)

Kerstin said...

I meant captured not caotured - sorry :)

Amy Jo said...

I love those father-son moments. It also made me laugh, because my dad is going to teach my husband to golf this weekend, and I kind of imagined them in this same scenario, excpet bigger.

Here is V! Only 4 more to go!

HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

Silhouette for us. Megan, such a sweet, sweet shot.

Jen said...

I love silhouette shots too. Both shots are amazing.

Cara and I did Home.

Jen said...

I am not sure why the link isn't working try this one:

Sorry about that.

mosey said...

Tammy and I departed from the theme this week and created our own "On the fence".

Our diptych here.

Can't wait to check everyone else's out. Your silhouettes are lovely....

shirley said...

Wow, both shots are wonderful! I love the simplicity of silhouettes - simple, yet they tell a story.

This week, Lee and I are "Unplugged" - something I found quite hard to do!

Marcelle said...

What a lovely theme and both are so well captured.
Love the touch of read the jumping girl photo has captured.

carrie said...

i love silhouettes too - but mine don't seem to have the intimacy and story-telling that you seemed to have captured!! great week for you gals.

Kimberly and I did Lights this week.