Monday, July 19, 2010

The Blog Cafe

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be asked by JoLyn to host The Blog Cafe over at A Year of Happy for the week. I've never been asked to guest post before, so what a treat for me!

Each week, the moderators ask one blogger to "host" the cafe, complete with setting the scene and asking a thought-provoking question. This week, we'll be visiting The Portland City Grill in downtown Portland, Oregon. And instead of concentrating on the food -- although it is delicious -- we're going to drool over the view.



We went to the Portland City Grill for our anniversary dinner last weekend. As we sat at the window, gazing out over the city as the sun slowly set, we admired the glow of the sun and the magnificence of Mt. Hood in the distance. And, boy, did I wish I had my camera.

Now, I will take my camera many places. I've hauled it pretty much everywhere. But I do draw the line at bringing it with me to a romantic dinner. That might set the wrong tone. But the view was so inspiring -- what's a shutterbug to do?

Answer: whip out the camera phone. These two shots were taken with my iPhone camera, and while not technically perfect, certainly capture the essence of the scene as we viewed it. Looking at these photographs brings back lovely memories of the evening, the food, and of course, the fantastic company.

Which leads me to my questions for today's Blog Cafe discussion: What situations have you encountered where you really wished you'd had a camera but didn't? And, do you use your cell phone camera (if you have one) for many situations like this?

I ask because despite its limitations, the phone camera can capture spontaneous moments. One can whip it out of a pocket or purse almost instantly to grab photos that would otherwise go untaken. So chew on the gorgeous view above and let us know what you think...


Tracy said...

Hi, Megan! I'm Tracy, and help out JoLyn & Jenny with The Blog Cafe. There are GORGEOUS photos--very much enjoying browsing your recent posts and admiring your photography. I'm the kind that usually has a camera with me all the time. There have been the odd times when I have forgotten it though. Like in May after our new nephew was born and we went to see him and the family--I somehow forgot my camera. Luckily hubby had his cell phone with him and took a few snaps with that. I don't have a cell phone myself... Nope, I don't. I work from home and don't feel the need for one right now--so less expense. I'm one of the few cell-less out there, I think... LOL! ;o) Happy Days!

JoLyn said...

Hi Megan--I love your photos of your dinner view. I'm also one of those people who likes to have a camera everywhere I go. But there are times and places when it just won't do. So yes, I do pop out with my cell phone camera sometimes--only my cell cam would never get good photos like those you took. Maybe it's time for me to get a new cell phone!

Pamela said...

i too drag my camera with me everywhere...learned the hard way many times. on those occasions i pulled out my cell and used it. there are times when i actually prefer the i can "share" a photo immediately.

lovely scenery :)

in beauty,

shirley said...

I carry my camera in my purse, so most times I have it. But there are times I don't, or, as Pamela stated, I want to share a picture immediately, so out comes the iPhone.

BTW, it looks like you used the Hipstamatic app? I love that app! Very cool effects!

Anonymous said...

lol! Great post! Woo woo for blog cafe!Sorry Im late! hmmm I feel like i am always in that situation, I sold my camera, and I dont use a cell phone anymore... but it def makes me enjoy beautiful moments more, and longer. If i had a camera I would take it and prob just leave, knowing i captured. Maybe its a good thing I can stick around longer, and really make a memory out of it. hmmm interesting. thanks for this! :)