Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Twenty (MIRROR)

You know what they say about the best laid plans? Poor Melody is delayed in Houston, unable to get home to her computer to send me a photo this week, so you are stuck with a diptych of just my shots. Before you feel too sorry for Melody, she has been on vacation, and if her facebook photos are any indication, having a fabulous time. Get home safe, Melody!

And really? She left me with the perfect theme to have a double shot of myself: MIRROR. Two shots, both mine...a mirror of myself perhaps? I'd better quit before I get too confused.

The top shot is the picture I actually took for the theme. I was downtown standing by my car, and I looked up and there was the shot, just staring me in the face. This is one of the few shots during these twenty weeks that I haven't planned at all. Serendipity at its finest.

The bottom shot is one that some of you may remember from last summer. I do love it, and I thought it made a nice little pair for MIRROR this week.

mirror dip

Can't wait to see what you all have in store for us this week, here and in our flickr group.

Next week, Melody and I are exploring CHAOS for our theme, so join us if you dare :).


carrie said...

Ah boo hoo, Melody! No feeling sorry for her this week!

On the other hand, it made a really cool dipy for you - I love the mirror-mirror images you came up with. And I love the textured processing on both of them, too!

K and I did SYMBOL this week, but you can bet we'll be joining in on Chaos next can we not?

Corey~living and loving said...

I'm sorry that Melody couldn't contribute this week, but you did so great on your own. I love that first shot. It is just plain amazing. WOW!

Berta and I did BOKEH this week.

Michel said...

Nice mirror dip! I love the rearview mirror shot! and your capture on top is awesome! The reflection is so crisp!
Donna and I also did mirror

Jill J said...

We missed last weeks theme, but I really wanted to do it, so we're turning in "signs" a week late. :) I love the mirror theme too, though! And I love your shots! Maybe our teams theme will always be "procrastination." He he! But I'm pretty sure that "chaos" will be an easy one around here.

Golightly said...

We did mirror this week and I added my dips for the last two weeks - they got to Flickr; but barely! Luckily JoAnne is on top of things!

Chaos next week - should be EASY - peasy! Poor Melody, stuck on vacation. How I need one!

Love what you came up with! The top shot is really cool!

Kerstin said...

again a theme I love and will chose the next time - again a photo that is just perfect and again it is a pleasure to stop by here on your blog.
Well done girls - always new ideas to
collect or - in the worst case - to steal.

Marcelle said...

Great theme...I would have done something similar with the car's

Andrea said...

Brilliant Brilliant shots - both of them!

Jessie said...

I really love the top shot. When I thought of mirror I thought of a big glass building but I don't have any near me lol :) You nailed it! The bottom shot is just so fun. He was having fun and you can tell :)
Great week! I hope that Melody makes it home safe and sound!

Angie and I also did MIRROR this week. Take care!

cat said...

These are both just stunning.

Kimberly said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Who's the coolest photog of all? Umm, I guess Megan! :) Love the serendipitous shot, and the oldie but goodie. ;) As Carrie said, we did SYMBOL this week, with some pretty interesting results.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

way to go megan... those are truly great.
and would you look at that smile!
precious in that mirror!

i love the processing of them too... really neat!

we did MIRROR too

i have to say... they do look like they are having a ball on their trip! so fun.

shirley said...

Those are a couple of really cool pictures. Looking forward to next week's chaos theme!

Lee and I chose fresh fruit this week. We are catching up after I went on vacation two weeks ago.

Killlashandra said...

Sorry to hear that Melody got delayed. Even when it's vacation delays are just tedious and boring.

However, I like your combo and comment about you getting to mirror both shots. :) I love that first shot. Are those reflections on glass? Looks great. And your second one is just too cute. :)

Here is Mary and mine for MIRROR.

Killlashandra said...

Oops typo typo I meant Marty. Sorry Marty, guess I need that coffee this morning.

noodle and lou said...

love both your shots megan! we went with mirror too and it turned out so fun:):) have a great weekend! xox...jenn

Jen said...

I love the processing on the photos. They do make a great combo.

Cara and I did Structures this week.

the aunt who always has gum said...

love both shots!

erika & i did mirror as well

Arizaphale said...

Double awesome!