Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Theme Thursday: Bodies in Motion

I practiced my panning technique on a longboarding senior last weekend. Thought this was perfect for the theme this week:


This is one of the few where I actually got him in focus. I have a tough time with panning, but when you get a good shot, the background blur is really cool!

Panning is a lot of work, though, so I switched back to freezing motion instead:

around the bend

Action shots are always such a challenge (for me), but so worth the effort.


HipMomma said...

You are so great with action shots. And that panning shot is fab too. I haven't tried that in so long. Just might hafta now.

Amy Jo said...

Those are so cool! I was trying some panning the other day when Sam was on his bike, but it was a first attempt, so there wasn't much usable stuff.

I'm back this week! Finally.

Cara said...

These are great. I try the panning thing and have not been successful. Everything looks blurred in my photos, I do better having the subject blurred and streaked with the background in focus (LOL)!

Golightly said...

I still haven't had good opportunities to practicum panning. I thought about how great it would be as I took pictures of Harrison riding on two wheels. oh well.