Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rising Star

This from a conversation on the way to soccer practice this week:

Harrison: I've decided if I don't make it as a professional basketball player, I'm going to be in a band.

Me: Oh yeah?

H: I'm going to name my band The Screaming Socks.

Me: That's a cool name! What are you going to do in the band? Play the guitar or the drums? Sing?

H: I'm going to play the lute.

I'm so proud. My son, bringing back under-utilized renaissance instruments and rocking the Billboard 100 at the same time.


Nancy said...

"Greensleeves was all my joy"! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Sean said...

Wow! Just wow!

Jenny said...

what's a lute? my music 101 class would be so much more useful if I hadn't fallen asleep everyday.