Sunday, August 9, 2009

BSM: New Favorite Activity

A friend invited us to go boating with him this weekend -- what a treat! The kids found a new favorite activity:

little bit excited

Oh yes, tubing was a big hit (understatement).

got fun?

Can you tell?


Amy Jo said...

That second shot of them looking at one another is fantastic! Were you on the boat or on the shore? So much fun!

Jenny said...

My kids are totally in love with this as well. I need to post the image of Owen with his leg up in the air, it is hilarious.

Where were you?

Melissa G said...

Now that looks like fun. What great shots - I love their expressions.

Jaimee said... can just tell they are having the time of their lives!

hipMomma said...

What fantastic action shots! You really nailed it. How fun. I remember the day when I would have tried that.

Krista said...

Love that bottom picture. Perfect!