Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Ma, No Appliance!

Yesterday was a big day for Owen: the dentist took out his appliance! Owen has had a spacer in his mouth since last January and has been wearing headgear at night as well for almost nine months. All this to correct a pretty wicked underbite.

At night for the past year, he's looked like this:


OK, usually minus the ski hat, but you get the idea.

As of yesterday, the appliance and headgear are history:

look ma, no appliance!

Think he's a little happy??

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hipMomma said...

I seriously did not know that they made kids wear things like that anymore. Wow. But I guess it's worth it with a smile like that.

Jenny said...

Poor kid, I guess it probably trained him to sleep on his back, which should cut down on visits to the chiropractor when he is elderly.