Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Conversation With Owen

Owen: We went to China today at school, Mom.

Me: Oh really? What did you do?

O: Did you know that they write with paintbrushes there?

M: You mean calligraphy? Yeah, that's pretty neat, huh?

O: I really want to go to China. I would definitely see the Great Wall of China.

M: That would be a great trip; maybe we can do that someday.

O: Except we'd have to learn Spanish.

M: Uhhh?

O: That's what they speak in China, you know, Mom.

Note to any travellers: Owen will be writing a "How to Travel Around the World" book -- be sure and reserve your copy today.


Jenny said...

Spanish, Chinese, there isn't that much difference is there?

Megan said...

i guess not...if you don't speak either one ;).

HipMomma said...

That is too funny. I really try to teach culture around here (my mom's Thai, Hubs family is Armenian.) But my 5 yo came home the other day from school and said, "The little Africans came to sing." The who? "The little Africans." I had to look to the 8 yo to translate. "It was a traveling choral group from Africa. They are Africans. From Africa." Well, there you go.

淑琴 said...
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