Friday, May 22, 2009

Guest Photographer: Owen

Yesterday evening, during a wicked round of wallball, Owen took over my duties as family photog and snapped quite a series. For your viewing pleasure, I've showcased his finest work:


He cut off a lot of heads and doesn't quite get the "point of focus" concept, but I'm cutting him some slack. After all, it was his first time with Mom's "fancy camera." And he's five.

I love them all!


Jenny said...

Love the one of you. I'm so tired of seeing myself in posed pictures, I might have to turn my camera over to Holden.

BE said...

The cutting-off heads thing doesn't seem to be a problem in these pictures: it makes them more artistic - makes a statement that points our attention to something else. These are great pictures!

carrie said...

I think he did a fantastic job - they all have good perspective and the cut off heads look intentional!

Nice work!

tracey clark said...

bravo!! i love them all too.