Friday, January 16, 2009

Roller Disco

On Thursday I had a great trip down memory lane...I went roller skating! Not in-line skating, but real, lace-up-the-skates-with-a-toe-stopper-at-the-skating-rink, skating. What a ride it was!

Let me set the scene: Apparently, Skateworld has not changed its decor since the seventies. I'm not kidding. Red and orange carpeted walls, orange plastic booths in the snack area, and red circular carpeted seating "disks" to sit on to lace your skates. I think they had the original skates from the seventies too:

roller disco redux

We had five moms and nine kids, all of whom had a blast. The funniest part was watching the kids (almost none of whom had skated before) falling all over the place for two hours. I could laugh, of course, because I can skate :). We had the rink all to ourselves for the "After School Skate Special," and Harrison was already asking to go again when we left.

For me, it was getting back to my childhood roots, where we would spend afternoons, weekends, and summers skating around the neighborhood. I was able to recall (and perform) a few simple (very simple) skills, but decided that attempting to "shoot the moon" might be hazardous.

I didn't take many pictures because, frankly, I was having too much fun on the rink. But I will leave you with another view of the skaters taking a snack break. Please note the funkadelic carpet...but not too closely. :0

roller rink rest


Dawn said...

Whoo Hoo! Go Girl!

From the sound of it and the look it was a blast!


Joanna said...

Oh yes, that would take me back to my childhood too. What fun!

Jen said...

Those photos evoked a whole stream of memories from my skate party days. I love the processing on these. Perfect!!

Cara said...

I use to love to skate, we use to do this thing called "shuffling". The rink you described sounds exactly like the on I use to go to.