Monday, October 6, 2008


The kids were talking about how old they will turn on their next birthdays...

Me: Well, I may have to get out the "grow-be-gone" powder and not let you get any older.

Boys: MOM!

Me: Remember, you already agreed to the deal that I would let you keep growing if you promised to always hug me and tell me you love me, no matter how tall you get, right?

Harrison: Yes, Mom (exasperated sigh).

Me: Maybe I should make you guys sign a contract or something...

Harrison: you've gone too far.


Glad D said...

That's cute. My son is now in college. He sighs and says, "Mom, you call me too much."

What? A mom can't call her only son every day?

Where can I get some of that Grow-Be-Gone powder?

Cara said...

My two year old say "yes" every time I ask "Will you stay a little boy and live with Mommy forever?" I am going to hold him to his word (LOL) I like the signed contract idea.