Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theme Thursday: Playtime

Remember the days when you could rock the hula hoop? Welcome back...

hula hoop queen

Our good friend E shows us how it's done.


Stacy said...

Great shot - love the clarity and color!

She's a cutie and looks like she is highly proficient in the hoola hoopin'. :)

HipMomma said...

Hey, I can still rock a hula hoop! I'm not as cute as she is doing it though. ;-)

Head Gaggler said...

Wow, great shot. So clear motion too. I really stink at that. Looks like she is really good at it too!

Golightly said...

Awesome shot!

We have hula-hoops, I thought about using it myself - a good way to get that middle in shape.

I never do.

Dawn said...

Oh yeah....I remember! I could do that for hours.

Go E!