Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Forty Three (BEFORE)


Melody and I have quite the domestic diptych this week for our theme BEFORE. Melody chose her bed, I think right before she got in it; I just have laundry on my bed. I like her idea better :).

I was thinking about doing a follow up shot of AFTER...but the clothes are still sitting on my bed as I write this.

What do you have to show us this week? Check out the flickr group for more great diptychs.

Join us next week for METAL (heavy or otherwise :).


bBchronicles said...

Now, I would automatically want to put "after" with the "before" photo - that would be a hard theme BUT, you did great! I really like them both!

Corey and I did NIGHT. See you next week!

Corey~living and loving said...

love that you both used a bed in the shots. interesting theme. I think I might have struggled with it. You guys did great!

Mariette said...

Lovely pics and a great theme (I think I would have struggled also)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

good morning!

oh good... i have to say... i have OS much laundry in the before stages too!
it does that a lot! :O)

and... since i didn't get to sleep last night by... but maybe an hour... oh doggies i'm tired...
i'd like to climb in your bed melody... okay! :O)

great dip yall! clever captures.

we joined in this week again...
think i forgot to link up last week to say we did it.

thanks for the fun!
now... i am in the before stages of needing coffee...
better get that cup!

Joanna said...

I love this theme....Before bed and before laundry. We can ALL relate!

Christina and I did peaceful this week.

Jen said...

That is a hard theme, but you guys did great with it. Very domestic indeed!!
We chose Siblings this week.

Kimberly said...

Your shot is a familiar scene here in my home. It seems like I'm always on the "before" stage though. :)

Carrie and I went on a journey this week. :)

Christina said...

This would be a challenging theme - but you guys did great! Love that you both ended up with beds. :o)

Joanna and I did Peace

Puna said...

I love this!

Cara said...

I think you guys did great, I would of had a hard time with that theme.
Jen and I did this week.

Cara said...

Just realized my link didn't work.
Jen and I did siblings.