Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Week Twenty-Nine (MORNING)


I'm on vacation this week, and Melody was nice enough to put together our dip. The stillness in her photo seems to contrast with the large bird of prey I encountered on my walk yesterday morning. Sure, he's keeping still, but I think he was just waiting for an unsuspecting rodent to come along. I couldn't get close enough (nor did I want to) to see what kind of bird it was, but it was enormous. I had my phone with me, so I grabbed this MORNING shot.

What do you have to show us this week?

P.S. I won't be able to visit the dips this week, since the wi-fi is spotty and I've only got my phone -- so make sure you guys all make the rounds in my stead:).

P.S. We're going BIG next week for our theme, so join us if you dare.


bBchronicles said...

These are wonderfully serene shots - peaceful - you just smell the morning air! I love this theme, both AMAZING captures. How perfect!

Stefanie said...

Both really beautiful in their own way.
Love the peacefulness conjured up by them. Thanks for sharing.

Kerstin said...

fantastic Megan - simply fantastic your photo - and your photo of course shows stillness too -
great work - great photos - great team

Jessie said...

Cool. We had a hawk land on a post in our back yard. With a chihuahua in the house it scared me. That baby is just so peaceful! Great week!

Angie and I also did MORNING.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

We did MORNING. Megan, your pic just screams beach in the morning.

cat said...

So different! Well done!

carrie said...

I love how peaceful and calm both morning shots are - I'm sure it won't look like that after vacation and school starts! Have a great rest of your vacation.

We did morning as well!

Amy Jo said...

Both shots really convey the quietness, though with quite different tones! Have a great vaca!

Jen said...

I love the contrast of the two shots. Both are perfect morning shots.

Here's ours:

Killlashandra said...

I hope you're having a wonderful vacation. :) I like the contrast in the dip this week. All the open space makes me think of tranquil vacation mornings when you don't have to be anywhere. And the lovely sleeping face. Very nice morning moments.

Marty and I also did MORNING.

Corey~living and loving said...

ooooooo great theme. I love the sleeping child. I'm a sucker for them....a big sucker. LOL
love the simplicity of your shot.....and the morning haze. well done.

Berta and I did, Classic.

Pamela Fillhouer said...

oooo....they are so peaceful. great shots! faith and i did morning also.

Cara said...

I love the stillness of both photos! This week Jen and I went wiht school as our theme.

Killlashandra said...

Hey Megan,

Marty has decided to not do the team up photography posts anymore. Could you let me know if there is another photographer who might be interested in playing?