Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Theme Thursday: Celebration

One fun way to celebrate the season? With a little bit of this:


and some more of this:


and a whole lot of this:


We had eight kids over at the house yesterday to decorate cookies. Sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, five colors of cream cheese frosting, mini-chips, red licorice, colored sugar, and every sprinkle imaginable...and eight kids on a huge sugar high.

How have you been celebrating?


Amy Jo said...

I so wanted to get photos of our cookie decorating, but it was so late there was barely any light left, and my hands were covered with frosting! No camera handling then. This week has been nuts. It looks like you guys had a blast, though!

Puna said...

What great photos of a wonderful Christmas tradition. We don't bake cookies anymore. I guess as kids get older, they tend to spend less and less time in the kitchen with me. It's too bad!

Cara said...

MMMMMMmmmmmmm! I am hoping that last shot is of the tin of cookies you are sending my way (LOL)!