Saturday, September 19, 2009

Theme: Faces

I thought I'd make it easy on my first week hosting Theme Thursday. Give us your silly, beautiful, mysterious, lovely faces this week. And invite a friend! If you've never played before, now's the time...everyone's got a face to share, so come back on Thursday and play.

I'll leave you with this face -- one of my favorites and so handsome:



HipMomma said...

It's perfect in every way. What a handsome man.

Are you hosting now?

Megan said...

i'm guest hosting while amy jo takes time off to have her baby. i think that's a pretty good excuse ;).

Nancy said...

Certainly one of my favorite faces!!

Cara said...

I love the theme. I am in total agreement with you, that is one handsome young man!

Golightly said...

What a perfect face to start with, he's so handsome! I think I can manage this the theme this week, what do you think? It's not like I don't take a lot of pictures of faces.