Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For The Birds

On the days James was attending the conference in Cairns, I went exploring on my own. One day I took a boat out to Green Island. It's a small island, but pretty touristy, so it has a small set of lodges you can stay in as well as a couple of places to eat. I sat down to eat my lunch at a small table, and immediately, I had visitors:


They were not shy:


As soon as I sat down, one of these birds (I think they're called Honeyeaters) hopped up, ran to my plate, grabbed a french fry, and took off. I spent the rest of my lunch alternately eating and shooing away birds as they peered over the table, crept up, and tried to take more food directly off my plate. Talk about shameless.

My favorite part of the experience, however, came after my very tiring meal was over. I walked away from the table towards the path to the beach and this is what I see:


Apparently the birds didn't get that memo.


Cara said...

That's too funny. I have had a Sea Gull take a French Fry right out of my hand as I was putting it in my mouth. The sea gulls at the shore are not shy at all either.

Amy Jo said...

That is one ballsy bird!