Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Report: Snowed In

Help! I'm snowed in and I can't get out!

A bit of an exaggeration? Perhaps...but not so much. The Portland area has received an unprecedented amount of snow. Usual annual snowfall? A dusting. The past seven days? Yikes! The kids had school cancelled all week, handing us another week of vacation. We had cleared up on Thursday and Friday, but got dumped on again Saturday. As I've said, the Portland metro area just isn't equipped to handle snow, and it is a mess out there.

Even my recycling bin is paying the price:


How sad is that?


Joanna said...

Ah...So thats where its coming from. Your weather has been hitting Minnesota all week! Brrrr!! and lots of snow!

Dawn said...

Wow...and it just keeps coming, huh?

Anonymous said...

Found you through Shutter Sisters! We were supposed to fly to California for Christmas however we sat in the Spokane Airport waiting for our plane to come and get us. Sadly is was stuck in Portland unable to get out. And so our flight was cancelled and we are spending a snowy Christmas buried in Spokane's crazy snow rather than sunning on California's beaches. :(

I like your blog and your photography. :) Merry "White" Christmas!